Dramatic Skin Benefits

The result of this amazing 'life giving' ingredient in EMK formulas is a remarkable, visible regeneration of the skin.


The results are immediate for moisturizing and making skin look suppler, hydrated, and glowing. Over time, your skin will retain moisture longer, for a more even, less lined appearance. Users experience clearer skin tone and love that their skin looks firmer and feels utterly silky soft. Mothers-to-be love to use EMK to help diminish visible stretch marks.


BIOPLACENTA® in combination with super antioxidant vitamins and clinically proven peptides will help diminish the appearance of deep wrinkles, and lined skin will look smoother and younger. Discolorations from sun damage and UV aging will be less noticeable as antioxidants combat free radical damage.


Specific skin nourishing and tightening botanicals and peptides help make skin tone appear firmer and more supple looking with beautiful resilience. Hydration plumps skin texture to give sagging skin tone a filled, youthful look.


Using EMK consistently over time will prove to be an excellent investment for the health of your skin. Only EMK formulas feature our proprietary and powerful pure plant BIOPLACENTA® in combination with the optimal delivery system, Synercell®, to achieve the ultimate defensive and offensive anti-aging skin response. Day by day, month-by-month, and year-by-year your skin will look healthier, younger, and clearly more glowing.

We call our exclusive plant placenta a miracle ingredient. We believe you'll agree that's no exaggeration.