About EMK

From the dream of one woman to the beauty hope of millions.

Our skin care brand, EMK, originated from our founder's name, Emilia Karsh. Professor Karsh was a pioneer in placental research. She started developing the EMK formulations in the 1970s in Beverly Hills, California. Her intensive research and innovations lead to many breakthrough discoveries in the skin care field. Since then, EMK has positioned itself as the worldwide leader in anti-aging botanical placenta skin treatments. Founded on the firm belief in scientifically proven, clinical quality performance, and naturally sourced ingredients, EMK has achieved a place on the counters of discriminating celebrities as well as distinguished dermatologists.

The reason is simple: our integrity. We will not compromise on the quality of our formulas. Our team has devoted years of intense research in the fields of dermatology, cellular and molecular research, genetics and epigenetics, and naturopathy. EMK is consistently making innovations in anti-aging treatments.

The power of pure, active plant placenta is at the heart of every formula we create. Then, our scientific team searches the world for the newest natural anti-aging ingredients to be found, at any price. After discriminating testing with dermatologists and professional estheticians, we select only the most effective, high-grade ingredients that perform in perfect harmony with our proprietary, natural BIOPLACENTA® to bring about amazing revitalization and protection of even the most sensitive skin.

All our products are artificial fragrance free, paraben free, and gentle. That's why you'll find them in places where skin is treated with the utmost of care - facial salons, spas, plastic surgeons and dermatologists offices as well as the best beauty stores in the world.

We hope you will discover what the EMK treatment from nature can do for you.

Meet the Team

Professor Emilia Karsh


EMK owes its remarkable skin care line to determined Professor Emilia Karsh who devoted her career to improving the health and beauty of the skin. With a PhD in science, she is a pioneer in exploring new ingredients that would deliver truly effective anti-aging results.

Professor Karsh's vision became laser focused when she saw the miraculous power of placenta protein on her dear friend's third-degree facial burns. Two acclaimed international dermatologists had nearly lost hope of restoring this supermodel's face, when they decided to apply pure placenta protein on her skin. What occurred was the most powerful and dramatic skin recovery ever observed by Professor Karsh. In just 30 days, the model's skin was restored to its healthy, radiant condition with no scarring.

Inspired by these amazing results, Professor Karsh became determined to bring this placenta miracle to men and women everywhere. Professor Karsh was the first to introduce natural, botanical placenta extract as the primary revitalizing ingredient in anti-aging skin care.

Fabian De Mortier

President & Head of research

Fabian is a true renaissance man. Born in Belgium, he developed a discriminating eye and taste for luxury. He loves all things natural and exceptional. Fashion, art, beauty goods, and of course, fine chocolates.

Fabian's journey in the beauty business starts at just 14 years old when he planned a fragrance business. At the time, he had noticed the finest lavender flowers were growing wild on mountains in Provence, France. Before "organic" was a buzzword, F?a?b?i?a?n obtained organic certification, set up a harvest team, and distilled the flowers to obtain the purest organic essential Lavender Oil. He then sold it to the top perfume and skin care laboratories.

Since then, Fabian has achieved numerous successful business ventures in the UK, France, China, and the USA, gaining broad expertise in luxury branding, distribution, finance, and product development.

Fabian pursues perfection in product quality and he has brought that high standard to every aspect of EMK Skin Care.

Jessica Chaijaya

Vice President, Development & Education

International skin care expert, recognized business leader, and professional esthetician, Jessica brings exceptional talents to EMK Skin Care.

Her stellar career journey has evolved from innovating new in-salon facial treatments to the development of prestigious new skin care products and the creation of landmark skin spas. She knows all the ins and outs of how to deliver optimal skin health to everyone.

Jessica created innovative skin care from concept to formula, packaging, salon merchandising, esthetician training, and launch. Because of her renowned passion for visionary skin care and services, she was able to found, develop, and sell one of the most prestigious spa chains in Asia.

She has a global VIP clientele and has cultivated an A-list Hollywood celebrity following for EMK Skin Care. Awards include 'Best Professional Entrepreneur and Educator', and 'The Business Leadership Award.' She is a member of the American Estheticians Education Association.

Natalie Sanderson

Professional Esthetician, Lasercare Skin Clinic

EMK Ambassador

Natalie started her career in New York City doing ecommerce and eventually went on to work for fashion titan Ralph Lauren doing online marketing. She loved the work but after six years began to explore other options. Her father, the noted Dr. Bruce Sanderson, asked her to help grow his laser skincare business, Lasercare Skin Clinic, back in her hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas. After graduating with state certification from one of the country's leading medical aesthetician schools, The Atelier Esthetique Institute of Esthetics in New York, she joined her father at Lasercare Skin Clinic.

A pivotal point in Natalie's life was when she developed cystic acne at the age of twenty-three, an age when this phase should have been over. She couldn't imagine having clear skin again. Returning to Arkansas for a visit, her father, a skin expert, was horrified. He immediately began laser treatments and put Natalie on a complete skin care regimen. Today, she has no scarring and her confidence is restored. The amazing results inspired her to become a professional esthetician.