Rescue Serum™

Ultimate Repair Treatment

The legendary silky restoration serum has the highest concentration of our proprietary BIOPLACENTA® for remarkable results that top dermatologists and estheticians trust. It has been an essential '911' elixir in facials to help complement skin’s natural repairing process, working to reduce irritation, redness, and visible signs of post-surgical treatments. It transforms skin over time to improve the look of firmness, reduced lines and wrinkles, and impart a clearer, more radiant skin tone. Super antioxidant Vitamins A, C, and E plus Superoxide Dismutase help protect from free radical damage.

Paraben free




Fragrance Free


Lanolin Free



1 FL OZ / 30 ML



This light, pampering restoration serum glides smoothly over skin for a sensation of soothing nourishment. Its deep penetration ability prepares skin to benefit more fully from moisturizers.
Featured Ingredients
Agave Cactus Bioplacenta®, Algin, Calendula, Licorice, Marigold, Tea Tree Leaves, Shiitake Mushroom, Sea Kelp, FITOX™, Glycosaminoglycans, Superoxide Dismutase, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A.
How to Use
After cleanser and toner, dose 6-10 drops into hand and apply to moist face, neck, and décolleté, both morning and night. Follow with Optima Face Cream™ or Supra Face Cream™ followed by Guard Sunscreen.™
Pro Tips
Serum may be mixed together with SUPRA FACE CREAM™ for those with very sensitive skin. It will improve cream penetration and help prevent irritation. For a DIY facial, apply a layer over cleansed skin and follow with ALPHA MASK™. Remove after 10 minutes or leave on overnight.

Suggested Routine

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The Origin of Rescue Serum

When founder Emilia Karsh's supermodel friend sustained 3rd degree facial burns in a car accident, Emilia sought, and found, a miracle cure. Working with acclaimed plastic surgeons, a pure placenta solution healed her skin. Emilia's mission was now to design a placenta treatment for physicians and dermatologists everywhere. After years of trials and formula revisions, Rescue Serum™ was created and is still a favorite of top Beverly Hills dermatologists, including Dr. Harold Lancer.


From Agave Cactus

Our exclusive groundbreaking plant placenta fosters exceptional renewal for skin that is showing age signs, discolorations, wrinkles, and irritation. BIOPLACENTA® has remarkable ability to penetrate skin to maximize the benefits of all clinically proven ingredients. It supports healthy circulation to enable optimal, natural regeneration.

Our exclusive system uses the precise balance of hydric (water soluble) and lipidic (oil soluble) formula technology combined with BIOPLACENTA® to foster optimal absorption of clinically proven peptides, nourishing botanicals, and nourishing vitamins.


Synergistic Delivery System

Synercell® technology makes our formulas very potent while remaining lightweight, quick penetrating, and pleasurable feeling on the skin.



The noted plastic surgeon and owner of Lasercare Skin Clinic, Dr. Bruce M. Sanderson, has used Rescue Serum for over 15 years and recommends it to his clients after laser skin treatment.