24K Gold Peeling Gel™

Non-Chemical Peel by Dr. Thiago Freire

This transforming peel is the result of extensive research by EMK and our anti-aging medical specialist and innovation collaborator, Dr. Thiago Freire. New GOLDLAMINA™ 24 karat gold flakes working in combination with potent plant extract, BIOPLACENTA®, deliver the most powerful skin renewal through exfoliation without irritation. Delicate lifting action erases dead, discolored skin layers and impurities to let potent Vitamin C and energizing minerals reignite skin’s youthful looking glow. Natural Bearberry helps skin appear brighter and diminishes the look of discolorations and spots. Experience the utmost in silky smooth, rosy, healthy skin.

Paraben free




Fragrance Free


Lanolin Free



1.7 FL OZ / 50 ML



Your skin will look radiant, revitalized, and super clean instantly. You’ll notice pores look less visible and clearer. Regular exfoliation is the key to super brighter looking skin that is ultra smooth and in good health.
Featured Ingredients
24K Gold, Vitamin C, Arbutin (from Bearberry), Bioplacenta® from Agave Cactus, Vitamin B, Copper, Silver.
How to Use
Cleanse, pat skin dry, and apply an even layer of gel. Massage over skin in circular motions. Rinse well. Follow with Bloom Toner™ and Optima Face Cream™ or Supra Face Cream™. Use up to 3x a week on normal to dry skin; 3-7x a week on oily or resilient skin.
Pro Tips
-Always use sunscreen after 24K Gold Peeling Gel due to its exfoliating action.

Suggested Routine

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Jet Set Female Icons

Dr. Thiago Freire socializes with high visibility women who can’t get rid of deep skin impurities without irritation and redness. Breakouts, dull skin, and blotchiness are not good in the spotlight. He originated GOLDLAMINA™, delicate 24K gold flakes, and infused them in a gel with Bioplacenta®. “This is the most brilliant exfoliation ever, for every skin type,” says Dr. Thiago. “By improving skin's circulation we can help slow down premature aging and the signs of aging, including wrinkles, dark spots, and sagging skin tone.”


From Agave Cactus

Our exclusive groundbreaking plant placenta fosters exceptional renewal for skin that is showing age signs, discolorations, wrinkles, and irritation. BIOPLACENTA® has remarkable ability to penetrate skin to maximize the benefits of all clinically proven ingredients. It supports healthy circulation to enable optimal, natural regeneration.