Guard Sunscreen™

High Definition Protection SPF 30

Clinically proven HD-SHIELD™ is a potent UVA/ UVB absorbing complex for exceptional sun protection for all skin types. HYDRAPEARL HYBRID™ releases vitamins and antioxidants to combat wrinkles, discolorations, and loss of firmness from UV damage. The non-greasy formula creates no shine and gives skin a smooth, flawless look, even in harsh flash photography lighting. It makes an excellent makeup primer.

Paraben free




Fragrance Free



1.5 FL OZ / 45 ML



As part of a regular skin protection regimen, consistent use of Guard Sunscreen will ensure skin retains its brightness and clarity, with fewer noticeable discolorations. Under makeup, it makes skin texture smoother and minimizes flaws.
Featured Ingredients
HD-Shield™, Hydrapearl-Hybrid™, Safflower, Vanilla, Beta Glucans, Organipack™, Vitapack™, Vitamin A, C.
How to Use
After cleansing and toning, apply Rescue Serum and moisturizer to skin. Then apply Guard Sunscreen generously over face, neck, and decollete. Use even on overcast days to protect skin from UV, especially when using skin brightening or exfoliating treatments.
Pro Tips
Good for all skin types, including Fitzpatrick II through IV, Guard Sunscreen is vital to protect vulnerable skin after laser, microdermabrasion, chemical peel, and cosmetic surgery.

Suggested Routine

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Photo Ready. Sun Ready.

EMK works with entertainers that have to look flawless on high definition TV. It's essential for a sunscreen to protect skin and leave absolutely no shine or greasy look. The advanced formula we created works exactly that way. Makeup artists love it.


From Agave Cactus

Our exclusive groundbreaking plant placenta fosters exceptional renewal for skin that is showing age signs, discolorations, wrinkles, and irritation. BIOPLACENTA® has remarkable ability to penetrate skin to maximize the benefits of all clinically proven ingredients. It supports healthy circulation to enable optimal, natural regeneration.



The ravishing 'housewife', Eva Longoria, is a true fan and considers Optima Face Cream™ essential to her regimen. It makes skin camera loving with flawless luminosity.